François Stifani

Grande Loge Nationale Française Past Grand Master (2007 – 2012)

François Stifani is married and has five children.
He was born in Nardo (Italy) on September 27th, 1947.
He is French national.
He is a Managing Lawyer and Partner at the Lawyers Legal Practice «STIFANI-FENOUD», a French SCP.

  • He came to France with his family in 1956.
  • He studied in France at the "Collèges Vitruve et Charles-Baudelaire" and he received an Accountant Certificate in order to start his professional activities. Then he desired to complete his post-graduate education. He followed correspondence courses and took evening classes at the "Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers" (CNAM).
  • He carried out his military service in the west of France from November 1968 to January 1960. In the same year he moved to the French Riviera and started to work in an accountancy firm. Later he took over the firm.
  • François STIFANI is a certified accountant, he became a lawyer in 1990. He has the following titles: License/Bachelor's degree of Public law (Political Sciences option) - Master's degree in Private Law - Prize-winner of Commercial Law (Faculty of Law and Economics in Nice).
  • Founded in 1991 his Lawyers Legal Practice intervenes in all legal matters. Focused on Business Law,  the Company is particularly represented in: Commercial Law (leases – commercial properties) - Company Law (corporations/constitutions – mergers- acquisitions etc.) - Collective Proceedings Law (safeguard – bankruptcy reorganization proceeding – liquidation/winding up by court decision) - Administrative Law (urban development-construction) - Contracts Banks - Criminal Businesses. François STIFANI is a specialist of these matters and is well known internationally.


  • François Stifani was initiated in 1976 at the Grand Lodge "Droit Humain", at the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
  • He became regularised under the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), at the French Rite, he also works at the Rectified Scottish Rite, at York Rite and at the Rite Emulation.
  • During his career he had different duties and responsibilities at the regional level (Province Alpes – Corse – Méditerranée) as well as at the national level. Regional level:
    • Past Grand Expert, Grand Expert (1987-1990).
    • Grand Sward Bearer (1990-1992).
    • Assistant Grand Provincial Master (1992-2001).
    • Provincial Grand Master (2002-2005).

National level:

    • Member of the Sovereign Great Committee (1990-2012).
    • Grand Expert (1990).
    • Grand Superintendent (1992).
    • ssistant Grand Master (2006).
  • In September 2007, in accordance with the status of the GLNF, he was chosen for the post of Grand Master from among the declared pretenders, by secret ballot of 500 members of the Sovereign Great Committee.
  • On the 1st of December 2007 his candidacy submitted for the vote of all the Worshipful Masters and Senior Wardens at all the Lodges of the GLNF (3000 Brothers) was ratified by the General Assembly. Then he became the Grand Master.
  • Starting from December 2009 the exercise of his mandate is hampered by internal and external oppositions that will lead to a severe crisis within the GLNF largely relayed by the media. A few weeks after the end of his mandate, the new Obedience governance will decide on his removal from it.
  • Memory is a sensation, history is a science. The real responsibilities of the actors of this crisis will be identified and revealed by the historians of Freemasonry. On a basis of facts, not of false opinions or invalid or incomplete informations, everyone who is seriously interested in it can have access to the truth of these events.